Antoine Candiotti

A digital project manager  / product owner to increase your team!

Hybrid agile project manager, my journey is presented in three main chapters: I was first a web designer. Then, full stack developer, and finally, project manager, real conductor.

A digital project manager  / Product owner to increase your team!<br />

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My goal is to lead web teams of the highest quality possible. They thus achieve their objectives and stand out in your field by creating attractive and functional interfaces that captivate users.

15+ years of experience :

Agile Method

Agile web development projects begin with sprint planning, a defined period of time (usually two to four weeks) during which a specific feature is developed. Try to learn more.

Social Media Management

Social media has become the beating heart of online communication, providing businesses and individuals with a powerful platform to interact, share and build communities.

Audience Analytics

Audience Analysis: Demystifying Data for an Unparalleled Strategy
In today’s digital age, audience analysis has become the backbone of any online strategy.


SEO, or natural referencing, is the set of techniques and practices aimed at optimizing a website for search engines. The goal is to improve the site’s ranking in organic search results.


Copywriting: The Art of Convincing with Words !
Copywriting, much more than simple advertising writing, is the art of creating persuasive texts that captivate, convince and incite action.

Team Training

At the heart of any successful organization is a well-trained, high-performing team. “Team Training” is not just a series of courses, but a dynamic process aimed at improving skills, communication, and collaboration within a group.

Website Development

Design: Before you start coding, it is crucial to plan the design of the site. This includes defining site goals, page structure, navigation, and overall user experience (UX).
Programming Languages.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing: A Powerful Strategy to Engage and Convert
In the digital age, Email Marketing remains an essential strategy for companies seeking to establish lasting relationships with their target audience.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Every day, the team meets for a quick stand-up meeting, sharing progress made, obstacles encountered, and plans for the day. This promotes real-time communication and rapid problem resolution.At the end of each sprint, a review is held to demonstrate the completed features. Customer feedback is taken into account, and adjustments are made if necessary.

I Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Project management is a complex art that requires careful coordination, clear communication and strategic vision. To make this arduous task easier, companies are increasingly turning to project management applications.

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  • Brand Identity
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  • Social Media Generation
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